2020 in Review

This year has not been an easy one. As it comes to a close, I find myself wishing to reflect upon what I have accomplished and experienced throughout 2020, just like I practice every year around this time. This year, much more than others, it's a difficult thought. I remember standing on my parent's balcony … Continue reading 2020 in Review

What I learnt from Inktober 2019

Note: This post has migrated from my website, and was more relevant in November 2019. Nonetheless I hope you might enjoy my insights into the process and what I came up with last October. It is finally November! Another night of terror has passed, and a month of ink drawings has come to an end. … Continue reading What I learnt from Inktober 2019

From Hobby-Beginner-Artist to Intermediate-And-Improving: 5 Tips to make the Jump.

I've certainly been there before: You've been drawing for years, grasped the basics, and your friends tell you you're a talented artist, but chances are you have internalised the sheer amount of wonderful artwork online and realised that you still have a long, long way to go until you yourself are fully satisfied with your … Continue reading From Hobby-Beginner-Artist to Intermediate-And-Improving: 5 Tips to make the Jump.

Post-Graduate Unemployment: A Downward Spiral

The months following my graduation from University in July of 2017 were amongst the perhaps most difficult times of my life. I have previously described unemployment as a feeling: A heavy, uncomfortable mixture of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and stir-craziness. The symptoms of that feeling are in fact not so different from symptoms of depression: … Continue reading Post-Graduate Unemployment: A Downward Spiral