2020 in Review

This year has not been an easy one. As it comes to a close, I find myself wishing to reflect upon what I have accomplished and experienced throughout 2020, just like I practice every year around this time. This year, much more than others, it's a difficult thought. I remember standing on my parent's balcony … Continue reading 2020 in Review

Referencing myths that transcend time: Hadestown

It is no secret that Hadestown is a clever adaptation of an ancient myth - the story of Orpheus and Eurydice and their fight against death itself. Mitchell's Hadestown has spun this into a more modern tale in which the divide of the classes, capitalism and the fight between living free and living comfortably stand … Continue reading Referencing myths that transcend time: Hadestown

Hadestown: A detailed Plot Synopsis

On the 17th of November I had the rare pleasure of watching the London National theatre performance of 'Hadestown', with song and book by Anais Mitchell. After the original album and cast recording of this musical had stayed with me for over half a year, I finally had the opportunity to watch the music tie … Continue reading Hadestown: A detailed Plot Synopsis

From Hobby-Beginner-Artist to Intermediate-And-Improving: 5 Tips to make the Jump.

I've certainly been there before: You've been drawing for years, grasped the basics, and your friends tell you you're a talented artist, but chances are you have internalised the sheer amount of wonderful artwork online and realised that you still have a long, long way to go until you yourself are fully satisfied with your … Continue reading From Hobby-Beginner-Artist to Intermediate-And-Improving: 5 Tips to make the Jump.

Post-Graduate Unemployment: A Downward Spiral

The months following my graduation from University in July of 2017 were amongst the perhaps most difficult times of my life. I have previously described unemployment as a feeling: A heavy, uncomfortable mixture of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and stir-craziness. The symptoms of that feeling are in fact not so different from symptoms of depression: … Continue reading Post-Graduate Unemployment: A Downward Spiral