To Fall Awake


“Thousands of stars in a midnight blue sky stared at the broken body unblinking and cold when he awoke some time later from mercifully painless unconsciousness. A crescent moon smiled at Remus assuringly, the mirror image of the face of a loving mother he only vaguely remembered. Tears burnt their way down his aching, dust coated skin as he stared up in silent fascination. 
He realized, with a melancholy more intense and consuming than the physical pain, that he had lived a life removed from this sight, too close to the light of a flame to ever truly see the light of the stars. That single most beautiful vision washed over him until his shoulders shook with helpless sobs. “

This is a scene from a personal worldbuilding and story project. I tried a different colour scheme and subject matter, and transposed the starry sky onto the scene as it is so significant to the moment.

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